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The focal point of JHCreative is to represent client inspiration as a true artistic creation that lasts forever. James Hall absolutely prides himself on being able to capture the essence of the subject embodied. Personages, animals, and even specialty objects are worked to customer specifications involving you in every step of the process. These fine art pieces have enhanced the beauty of public places, institutions, and private collections throughout the world.

Bronze sculptures that last forever truly honor those that serve, past, present, and future. James Hall’s museum background is a great resource to ensure that your piece is historically accurate in every detail while providing great emotional depth. Check out JH Creative Leadership Series.


JH Creative is a proud collaborator with our US Armed Forces.


There is absolutely nothing comparable to the allure of sculpture in creating a lasting presence for your business. Patrons drawn into an atmosphere of your making are sure to "live in the moment" and appreciate the company message. This "physical idealism" no doubt adds to repeat business and increased consumer appeal. Say more with a tangible image than words can ever hope to achieve. JH Creative works with you to make your ideas come alive.


As a member of Chase Studio, Inc. in Cedarcreek, MO Hall worked designing and fabricating models for natural history and environmental science exhibits worldwide. His blend of research and sculptural technique forms an exhibit piece that will inform and entertain. His contributions to diorama projects can be seen throughout the US, Canada, Japan, Egypt, Europe, and the UK.

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